About Us

Faith Bible Tabernacle -

Our Vision - To be God's Kingdom Church of Excellence.

Our Mission - To provide answers for mankind's problems that lead to abundant living. We seek to accomplish this goal in the areas: Salvation/Discipleship, Health and Education.

 We are a Bible believing, spirit-filled fellowship that seeks to share our faith and the love of Jesus Christ with those with meet. We believe the best decision anyone could ever make is to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!


Pastor Darrell L. Fairer

Pastor Darrell Fairer (pronounced- Fayr-ER) is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel. Since December of 1995, he has traveled the US and abroad sharing God's Word. In 2004, after being ordained one year prior, he was led of The Lord and released by his Pastor and Spiritual Father Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr., to start Destiny Fellowship Church in Fort Wayne, IN.

While in Fort Wayne, IN, he and his wife Elect Lady Sherea Fairer, began the Walking in Destiny Discipleship Classes, Children's Ministry and Destiny Now Television Broadcast. Moving by faith from Indianapolis, IN and starting in an humble second floor hotel room, the Lord favored DFC to find a place of their own after about a year and a half. Favor provided the needed funds to be able to purchase the chairs, microphones, sound board and other equipment needed to outfit their new home. By 2006, after two years of teaching and preaching on Destiny, Pastor Fairer had no idea that God was about to move his family again to fulfill another aspect of his divine destiny.

In December of 2006, Pastor Fairer submitted once again to the will of God as he was elected to assume the pastorate of Faith Bible Tabernacle in Buffalo, NY after the death of its beloved founder, Bishop Nathan S. Halton. Pastor Fairer continued to teach faith and excellence in service to God while declaring that God had even greater things in store for "The Tabernacle".

In 2008, Pastor Fairer, designed and led the charge in remodeling the sanctuary. In 2009, along with the board of directors he began negotiations to purchase the property adjacent to the current worship facility. The property included a sanctuary, three story house, three car garage, outdoor pavilion and parking lot. By 2010 Faith Bible Tabernacle became the debt free owners of the new property. To God be the glory! Later that year Pastor Fairer designed the new sanctuary layout. In 2011 during the 30th Church Anniversary, Pastor and congregation marched into their new sanctuary on the Campus of Greater Faith Bible Tabernacle. The campus now includes the sanctuary and Life Center that houses the many ministry extensions of the church.

In addition to pastoring and itinerant ministry, Pastor Fairer humbly shares his ministerial experience with those he mentors and serves. He serves as the General Secretary and Youth Chairman of the New York Pennsylvania and New England States Council of the Pentecostal Churches of Apostolic Faith. Called to pastor, preach and teach but anointed to serve, Pastor Fairer enjoys seeing lives changed for the better because of the power of the Word of God.

Pastor Fairer has been married to Lady Sherea Fairer since October 1997. Together they are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters Lauryn and Monique. The Fairers reside in Williamsville, NY.

Church History- 1981-2006           

On December 15, 1981, Bishop and Sister Halton, who at that time resided at 54 Hamlin Road, opened their home for prayer service and Christian Fellowship.  It was through this time of prayer and fellowship, that the inception of the Faith Bible Tabernacle Church was birthed by divine providence.  For through these prayer services, God brought together a body of fellow believers, consisting of Bishop Nathan S. Halton, Sister Antoinette Halton, Eric Campbell, Jesse Evans, Dorothy Evans and Roberta Lockhart.


            God placed within the hearts of these six God-fearing people, the same thought:  To organize a church within the Buffalo Community.  Their focal objective was as it is today, to reach out and help the lost for Jesus Christ!


            Our first Sunday Service was held on Sunday, December 21, 1981, at the Expressway YMCA, where Elder Halton had secured a room for worship.  Our congregation began to expand and God in his infinite wisdom, lead Bishop Halton to the Immaculate Heart of Mary School, located at 391 Edison Avenue, in search for a place that could accommodate our expansion of worship services and growth.


            On March 1, 1981 the Faith Bible Tabernacle Church, began renting one classroom in the building of the Immaculate Heart of Mary School located at 391 Edison Avenue, for Sunday and weekly services.  For better than two years, this property was up for sale, and at that time, the asking price was out of our range.  However, God began to work in our behalf, removing all obstacles, which included the retiring of the Head Priest of the parish and the closing of the Bingo Hall.


            We continued to work together, and in September of 1985, we stepped out on faith, and began negotiations for the purchase of the building.  We encountered many hardships and disappointments in our effort to finance the building with the lending institutions of the City of Buffalo. 


            Despite our struggles, Bishop Halton and the congregation continued to believe God, and in July of 1986, God opened up doors for us which man had shut.  The Catholic Diocese accepted our offer without any rebuttal, and told us of their willingness to hold the mortgage for a period of ten years.


            With one mind and one heart, we were determined to pay off this loan within three years.  In August of 1989, our efforts were accomplished!  Two months later, on Sunday, October 4, 1989, THE MORTGAGE WAS BURNED!!!


            With this great feat being accomplished, our faith was fueled and we knew that the city of Buffalo was ours.  Under the leadership of our pastor, we began knocking on new doors and watched them open unto us.  These doors provided us with many opportunities to help meet the needs of the people.  The Breath of Life Day Care Centers, the Breath of Life Media, and the Greater Faith Housing Corporation are just a few of the doors that were opened.  They allowed us to follow our beloved pastor's philosophy, "Christians must be thermostats that change the climate and not thermometers that measure it."


            On Saturday, May 27, 2006, our ministry suffered the greatest loss ever, when our beloved, Pastor, Founder and Father in the gospel was called home.  We shall forever remember the lessons that he taught us and will use them to continue to enhance the lives of men and women everywhere. The legacy of Faith Bible Tabernacle Church continued as God sent us our new leader Pastor Darrell L. Fairer


December 17, 1953 until May27, 2006

         Nathan S. Halton, a bishop in the Lord's church was summoned to eternal rest and reward on Saturday, May 27, Two-Thousand and Six in the year of our Lord.  Nathan S. Halton was born in Detroit, Michigan to Mary Lou Halton, and the late Bishop, His Grace, Stanley Halton.  He was the oldest Son of twelve children with a steep indoctrination in Pentecostalism that stimulated an environment filled with study of the word and prayer.
        Bishop Halton had accepted Christ as Lord in his teenage years.  The transforming power of Jesus Christ shaped his personality and life, steering him to his sovereign purpose and ultimate fulfillment which was a lifetime of service in ministry.
        A graduate of Empire State College with a degree in Business Administration, the dutiful minister prepared himself for what was to become a socially relevant ministry with Pentecostal fervor and apostolic leadership.  The balance preparation of the sacred and secular positioned the charismatic leader to construct a ministry platform that would benefit the constituency of the saints for decades into the new millennium.
       In January of 1975 Nathan S. Halton, was united in Holy matrimony to Antoinette M.  Churchwell.  To this union were born four daughters Leah Marie Halton, Rachel Lynette Ellis, Natina Elizabeth Halton, and Mary Loretta Halton. In addition to the four daughters, Bishop Halton and his wife opened their family to two additional daughters. 
       In 1977, the Lord directed his servant to move to the City of Buffalo, New York; he closed his business, sold his properties and moved his family from Cleveland, Ohio.  In December of 1981 he opened the doors of his home for prayer and bible studies.  After several months of fellowship and demonstrative presence of the Lord's favor, The Greater Faith Bible Tabernacle Church, Inc. was established.
      The ministry grew along with the needs of the community and through the sagacious leadership of the Lord's anointed other ministries were birthed, including: The Breath of Life Ministries, Inc., Breath of Life Media, Breath of Life Day Care, and Educational Center, and the Greater Faith Housing Corporation, in addition to Para-church ministries serving the community at large; a respected community leader, an untiring activist, he served as a City Charter Review Commissioner for three-years. 
    Bishop Halton's legacy is that of a master builder.  A visionary leader that builds faith and community; his heartfelt desire has always been for people to live out their possibility and not their current reality.  Bishop Halton was known for saying "Christians must be thermostats that change the climate and not thermometers that measure it," his legacy is one of changing climates in the City of Buffalo.